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Putting the Focus on the Conversation

Starting a podcast teaches you a lot. After 13 episodes, I have a greater appreciation for those have had a lot of podcasting success. There's a lot of time and little details that go into making a good show, in terms of content and quality.

New Recording Setup

Photo by Ben Brooks

I have no vision of being the next Dan Benjamin or Leo Laporte, but I do want to give people something enjoyable to listen to. So there is pain every time I edit an episode and hear all the stupid things I say or poor sound quality. Here's a few lessons I've learned.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. I could go into technical details, but if the content is great, the audio details are less important. And there are great resources already available on the subject. As the title suggests, I put the majority of my time into preparing to talk to the guest. The purpose of Creatiplicity is to highlight the amazing people who make up the Fusion Ads network. I simply think of all the things about that person that interest me and try to have the conversation I would have with them if I were meeting them face to face.

With all that said, having a sharp dressed co-host is the best way to get your show off the ground.