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Inspired by Ben Brooks, the following are items I no longer use (or have never used).

The original 99u Messenger bag

Behance 99u Messenger Bag

The original bag for the Behance crew, crafted by Rickshaw in San Francisco. I've used one of these for the past 3 years and love the solid construction. It's a simple, well made tool, perfect for the coffee shop. These also fold up nicely inside of a Goruck or other larger bag to take with you on the road.

Buy for $75

Doxie Go, the scanner that comes with you

Doxie Go

If you've ever thought of going papereless, a quick, portable scanner is going to help. In a lot of cases, your iPhone will do the trick. But if you have a backlog of paper you want to get rid of, this is a far faster option.

Buy for $100

The original Dot Grid Journal

Dot Grid Journal (x2)

Solid cover, nice design, and quality paper make for a good notebook. The Dot Grid Journal is perfect for the trip to the cafe … far more space than a pocket notebook, but still fits on those damnably small tables most establishments offer.

Buy for $17.50

The original Field Notes

Field Notes (Assorted packs of 3)

The iconic original from Field Notes. Sold here in 3 sealed packs of 3 … that's a total of 9 notebooks for the mathematically challenged!

Buy for $20