The Weekly Review

by Chris Bowler

Working with Pen & Paper

I'm a big fan of working with pen & paper. And 2016 was a great year for a renewed emphasis on good analog tools. Here are some of the items that caught my attention this year, as well as some golden oldies!

Have some good links you don't see here? Let me know — I'd love to add them!



Thought pieces & personal usage

Using your calendar to schedule your tasks

My Philisophy

As regular readers may note, I've been using a hybrid system for managing my tasks for some time. While I find all of the resources above interesting, I do not subscribe to all the methods. Here's my current mix:

  • I track work related tasks that are shared in Basecamp
  • For everything else (personal, work related, church related), including long term future tasks, recurring tasks, or mid-sized projects, I use 2Do
  • I do not schedule tasks in my digital calendar
  • I do schedule tasks on a weekly and daily basis, but on paper
  • My weekly process mix a little of the SELF journal method with a simple dash plus/bullet journal method for capturing little things, or outlining ideas & thoughts
  • My daily process involves something close to the Daily Bar method listed above

Last, for notebooks, I appreciate blank dot grids. Some of the notebooks above are well thought out, but too rigid. No one system fits my preferences perfectly, so having a blank slate where I can construct my own layout is preferable. The customizable notebooks are tempting though …

Happy scribbling!