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est. 2008

Chris Bowler is a writer and aspiring creative. How is his creativity carried out? In words, in pixels, in sketches and scribbles. He's a type enthusiast, a seasonal gardener, and a lousy woodworker. Seriously.


Enough of the 3rd person. Welcome to my site! I've been writing online for 7 years and although my career has taken many paths, there have been two constants: my blog and the people I've met as a result. And so I put a lot of value on the idea of a personal website. Welcoming you to mine is essentially the same as welcoming you to my home.

I hope you like the place … please make it yours!

About the Author

I'm a Christian first, a writer second (hence the title of the site). I am nothing in and of myself, for in Christ I live and move and have my being. As well, I would be far less of a man if not for the lady at my side. She inspires me every day and together we have been blessed with 6 children.

My mug

As alluded to above, I have a few passions. Writing, typography, theology, design in general, gardening, and working with wood. I'm a lover of fine coffee, craft beer, real raw foods from around the world, and the New England Patriots.

Nothing gets me as excited as teaching and serving a team.

A while back I started the boutique ad service Fusion Ads. Now I work with the team family at Wildbit and previously had the privilege of working with the folks at Campaign Monitor. It's the amazing people that have defined my career on the web!

I'm available in various colours: dribbble, Instagram, Instapaper, Pinboard, rdio, and twitter.


This site was lovingly constructed with the following tools: Kirby, Hammer & Anvil, Coda, Rdio, coffee, and a Kuru Toga on a Baron Fig.