An intimate newsletter.

Over the past several years, all of my writing has been focused on my newsletter. Where I used to publish directly to this site, now all content is published in an email first.

Why email?

For whatever reason, I find email to be the most intimate form of publishing my content. Responses from readers go straight to my inbox for a direct personal conversation. In 2021, that still feels really good.

I also like the weekly format with different types of content and focus intertwined in one issue. And so that has been the format of my writing in recent years. Sign up to get your own copy!

What can you expect?

A frequent newsletter exploring the intersection of faith and technology in order to achieve depth in a productive life.

I send on average 3 emails per month. Each issue includes one or two short, focused articles, links with commentary, a choice quote, and maybe some witty tweets. The content focuses a lot on spirituality, depth, how we work and think, reading, and other topics that matter to me.

It’s very much written in the spirit of the early years of blogging (indeed, one article and one link from the newsletter are added to my blog the following week).

Here are some kind words people have shared over the years.

I frequently find myself in your writing

Justin Stortz

Chris Bowler’s email, The Weekly Review, is a must read for me. It is, perhaps, the single most delightful thing to grace my inbox every week.

Shawn Blanc

Chris, your newsletters are always a breath of fresh air.

Justin DiRose

Thanks again for another fantastic newsletter. Honestly, reading your thoughts and recommendations is one of the highlights of my week. Much of what you’ve written over the last 18 months or so has inspired me to become more consistent and effective at collecting my own thoughts, perhaps to begin sharing them with the world sooner than later.

Jeff McKeand

Thanks for the newsletter, Chris. It was thoughtful as always.

Jesse Kopeke

I really enjoy your regular newsletters.  Part of that is probably down to your relateability (if that’s a word?) for me.

– Paul Hamilton

Thank you for your time and most of all for your writing which definitely gives encouragement to one more tech oriented geek who is attempting to pursue Christ.

– Billy Adams

Really solid issue this week. Thanks for writing these. I look forward to seeing them in my inbox!

Will Fanguy

Also just want to say that this is still the only newsletter I’m willingly subscribed to. Keep up the good work!

Sid O’Neill

I got my first issue last night – and I like your style! Short chunks of reading, with practical wisdom and lived experience.

– Justin Romack

This is all flattering and a big part of why I write. We’re all struggling with how to make the most of our time in this world. It’s great to help each other out and remember that the journey isn’t a solo trek.

Join me!