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What do I read and write about? Things that I hope will make me a better person, better at what I do with my time. Creativity, faith, and making the most of the gifts I’ve been given. How to be disciplined, how to grow in Christ. If those types of things are of interest to you, I think we'll get on just fine!

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What do others say about The Weekly Review? Justin Stortz shares an intimate thought:

I frequently find myself in your writing

That is flattering. And it's exactly what I aim for in my writing. We're all real people behind the avatar and oh-so-carefully crafted social media bio. Hosting my own site, writing my own newsletter: these are just ways to connect with others and share what I get excited about. If my website is a glimpse into my life & home, this newsletter is a comfy chair in my favourite reading space. C'mon in!

Or, as Shawn Blanc says:

Chris Bowler’s email, The Weekly Review, is a must read for me. It is, perhaps, the single most delightful thing to grace my inbox every week.

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