As I've worked with and observed online businesses, there are three concepts that have become the pillars of how I believe companies should conduct themselves. They are: 1) charge for your product or service 2) give amazing customer service and 3) invest in and empower your team.

Charging for your product or service seems overly obvious in most markets, but not so with the web. Sadly, build first and (try to) profit later is the norm in a bourgeoning industry. There are a few shining examples amidst the many free services available to us, but they are too few and that will need to change. Free only lasts so long.

Giving your customers amazing experiences breeds brand loyalty. Apple is ample proof in that regard. Only head-in-the-sand tech writers still attempt to convince you otherwise, but market numbers state the truth. Apple crafted more than devices in the past 15 years — they were building experiences, from the product packaging right down to the support and sales staff. That has translated into sales and a loyal user base.

Good companies are built on good people. And good people tend not to work for a pay check. Smart business owners know they cannot do everything themselves. And so the best thing to do is replicate yourself. And like loyal users, loyal employees are developed over time. You do this by giving them good experiences and the freedom to make decisions.

After my first three days of training with Campaign Monitor, it's clear that this is a company that operates with those beliefs as well. Dave Greiner was a customer of Fusion Ads, and over the years I had enough interactions with him to see that he and Ben believe in the points above.

It's an honour — and a pleasure — to now be a part of this team.