Andrew Bosworth shares his experience that was his wake up call. After having his job changed and team feedback given to him, he reflected on his attitudes and made changes.

Not only is this a great story because he had the wisdom to look within and own up to his failings. It's also encouraging to see a friend (and boss) be willing to gently admonish and promote the change. That's true friendship!

I love that he includes a caveat in the last paragraph:

I’m still not as good as I’d like to be at any of this. When I’m under stress I can sometimes fall back into my old habits. But believing deeply that I am responsible for how I make others feel has been life changing for me.

Changing who we are doesn't come overnight. There are no life hacks, shortcuts, or 4 hour work weeks that make us change who we are and how we live. That takes energy, purpose, and determination.

And time!