Chris Savage, co-founder of Wistia, shares a little about how he had to change how he approached his own work. As their business grew, his time became more scarce as more and more things filled it up. And that was a problem:

There comes a point when your effectiveness falters, though, when you’re no longer focusing on the right things or doing your best work. In fact, you may have already passed that point, but you didn’t realize because your busy schedule made you feel successful.

His solution? To go on a holiday. While there, he had the “a ha” moment that feels so good. As he was not in meetings or answering emails, his mind turned to the bigger questions for their team.

It began to dawn on me that in some strange way by not “working,” I was starting to do some of my best work again.

I’d suggest this applies to all knowledge workers, not only CEOs. We all need to step away from the desk to do our best work.