As we head to the weekend, I'm looking forward to sun, temperatures north of 30 C, and fun in the water. We’re on a much needed holiday and a family reunion is the perfect opportunity. The fact that is takes place on the Canada Day long weekend and the weather looks to be the best of the year is icing on the cake.

We’ve got an incredibly spotty Internet connection here, which is wonderful. And so I head into the weekend with no concrete plans on how I'm going to replace Google Reader. I'm cool with that.

Earlier in the year, right after the news hit, I reviewed the great iPad options available. Those are still there (Pulse, Feedly, and Flipboard being my three). The developer community has pulled out some great stops and now there are several other feed syncing services available (Feedbin and FeedWrangler being the main contenders). And let's not forget the bigger names stepping to the plate (AOL and Digg).

Some of these looks like G Reader clones, some bring a little ingenuity to the RSS space, and others are buckets of a different sort, including other steams of content into the mix. Oh, and emails … those are an option for many sites that offer RSS feeds. So what's a reader to do?

For now, I step away from the hose and just wait it out. I know I'll return in 12 days and see what the other nerds are saying. I’ll want to dip my toes back into the stream of updates again. But I have a strong suspicion my reading habits will take on a slight change, altering to fit the new services available. Maybe reading news will finally be one of those things I no longer do at my desk!