Andrew Pilsch opines that the pour-over revolution is well under way. And that's a good thing!

But another revolution is—ahem—brewing. This one values deliberation, flavor, and quality, treating coffee as something to be savored rather than pure brain fuel.

It’s nice to see a piece like this in a publication like The Atlantic, where shots are fired at the cost and wastefulness of the Keurig and its ilk.

In fact, the relationship between coffee and coffee drinker couldn’t be more different with the pour-over than it is with the Keurig. With the latter, the coffee machine does all the work, and the human is merely an end user … By contrast, brewing pour-over coffee valorizes human labor. Pour-over shops sometimes even refer to their product as “craft coffee.”

But the main focus is on the ritual and steps required for a good pour over, as well as how coffee is a global effort. What we believe in!