While I’m not crazy about the term “lifestyle design”, this post has some good tips. Srinivas Rao opens the piece by defining the problem of people wanting to “hack their lives”:

When people think of the words Lifestyle Design images of working from a laptop, location independence, The Four Hour Workweek and digital nomads pop into their head. What they don’t think about is the actual work that goes into those accomplishments, all of which are a byproduct of days and environments that have been deliberately designed.

As I shared recently, this quote from Shawn Blanc in Day 3 of The Focus Course nails it:

It’s one thing to be able to define what our most important tasks are; it’s another thing entirely to make the time and put forth the energy to do those tasks.

We’re all good at identifying the things we’d like to do. But having the discipline to sit down and do the work itself is another matter. In this article, Rao uses the term “design” to describe changing your life, but it’s more commonly discussed in terms of habits and routines.

The kind of stuff we care about ‘round these parts!