Despite the fact that I've been unhappy with Twitter's business strategy and various "Dick" moves, the end result has been great. The main effect on me has been a reduce usage of their service. And although I signed on for early on, my Twitter usage was not merely replaced by the new service.

There are various reasons for this. Moving to a new house, a new job, and a long trip. But mostly, it's been a continual desire to use Twitter less. I'm thankful for their helping me do what I proved unsuccessful with on my own.

As for, having a client from the Tapbots crew makes it more desirable. But not enough to overcome the desire to change my habits. In a recent post on discipline, Joshua Blankenship stated a truth I have felt for years now:

Disciplining my body not to get Coca-Cola Classic at every meal is not all that different than discipling my mind not to visit Twitter at every mental break.

I don't know how my Twitter/ usage will go from here. But I know I'm enjoying the quiet and will take it day by day.