My good friend and all around smart chap, Shawn Blanc, has been working on a new product titled The Focus Course. One could assume that due to my relationship with Shawn, I'd be promoting his newest offering regardless of what's involved. And you'd probably be right.

But there are two caveats to that thought.

One: Shawn is an excellent writer, a thoughtful thinker, and puts his everything into all his projects. So it's easy to promote his launches even when lacking familiarity. I would feel no guilt in doing that.

Second: more importantly, I can attest for the contents of The Focus Course. I had the privilege of being on the pilot and was able to slowly take in what Shawn was pitching. And I can say it's worth far more than what he's offering it for.

Take Your Time

Honestly, I teased Shawn on The Focus Course forums. He's calls it a 40 day course, but truthfully, I'm calling it a 40 week course.

Each day's reading on its own is intensive. But the exercises that go with each day can take far more time than I've been able to complete in one day. In fact, the time needed to reflect deeply on the questions Shawn is asking has been a serious investment for me. The content of The Focus Course calls for meditative reflection, the kind of thinking you do when taking long walks or shovelling the drive way.

Yes, you could do it in 40 days. I recommend taking longer.

And I'll go as far to say that I disagree with some of the thoughts Shawn shares. But it doesn't matter … what matters is that he gets you thinking about the right things and thinking about how you can structure your time and thoughts to ensure you're making the most of what you have.

I went in to the pilot thinking this wouldn't benefit me too greatly. I'm already an organized, fairly focused person. Shawn proved me wrong, way wrong!

The great news is that once you're a member, you have access to the content forever. You can take as long as you require or desire.

Sign up today: it's the last day of the launch pricing.