I recently read a recent article (you read that right) on a 'tech news' site that waxed on about Apple growing stale. That their software is “showing its age". That was the moment my browsing session came to an end.

Marco and Gruber recently had a blog-to-blog discussion about the merits — or lack of merits — of linking to this type of writing. I'll go one further; don't read it. I usually don't. This article was a random click of a tweet from someone I follow. It wasn't until the bile reached the back of my throat that I realized I had lost my way.

Does Apple have room to improve? Yes. That was true in 2002 and it's still true today. But a rapid rise to the position of the world's most profitable company is proof that regular folks like a well designed experience over all else. OS X and iOS could be better, but it's clear they're both satisfying to consumers. It's tech pundits who are searching for another story who seem to feel the need to make this stuff up.

The busyness of my day is better spent elsewhere.