I've noticed an issue with our young industry. I’m not sure of the exact problem, but the symptom is this: people rarely stay at a job for long periods of time.

2 years is considered lengthy in the world of the Valley, the web, and SaaS companies. I’ve had this thought in past, but had it reinforced in a recent conversation.

Talking to a friend, he stated that he was still really happy with the new job he’d had for the past 3–4 months. To paraphrase, he stated, “It’s usually at one year in where I’ll get bored with my job and decide whether the company wants to make things work or not.” This is not a knock on him, or anyone else. I’m at my third job in just under 4 years.

What causes people to move on so quickly? Age? As a 40 year old, I’m not pointing fingers at millennials here (although that’s the current trend). Is it race or upbringing, a problem of pampered white folks?

Or is it just a simple pattern of discontent in our western culture, where we change apps like we change our clothes? If we can easily change aspects of our lives like spouses and churches and hobbies, why not our jobs too?

Is this even a problem?

I don’t have answers, but I’m pondering the question. For myself, I want Wildbit to be the last stop for a long time. Part of cultivating contentment is to keep your eyes off the grass.