As I've matured, I've learned a lot about myself, especially in the area of leadership. As I became more self-aware, I realized that in circumstances where I was unsure of the next step, I would ignore the situation. If I wasn't sure what to do, of the next action, I would subconsciously not give the area of need any attention. Not a helpful approach!

What I've learned to do is just get started. Do something, anything. It doesn't matter if it was a plumbing issue I'd never handled before, or the design of an element on a website, or a writing a blog post. Just doing something helped with one thing: better defining the actual problem. And once you know the actual problem, you can start identifying the solution. But you have to get started to do that.

This post from Cap Watkins on getting started takes the idea a bit further and is chock full of good advice for getting moving when you've encountered some friction. Here's a few other posts along the same lines:

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