With a slightly furrowed brow, his deep brown eyes flicked back and forth, following the passing scenery as we sped down the highway. Like any four year old boy, his hat was turned backwards and slightly to the side.

As he peered out the window, I couldn't help but wonder what was going through his mind. Was he reflecting on the events of the day, remembering the the perfect blue sky filled with hot sunshine, the time spent in the water, or the delicious and extravagant summer food? I wonder if he realizes how blessed his existence is, if he knows how he lives like a king of old times, more comfortable than 90% of the people in this world will ever experience.

But of course he doesn't. We do our best to ensure that he and his siblings realize their blessedness, but I know too well how I fail in this area myself. How can I expect a four year old who has never known anything else to grasp this perspective? Yet we will continue to try and teach our children what they have and how they are called to share, to care for those in need and distress.

After all, that's what my Father did for me. And I long to follow in His footsteps.