John Herman has some astute observations about Slack and how it's changing office culture. As people migrate to it from other options, there's no denying it feels better. But that may not necessarily be healthy.

As Mr. Herman states

But the thing about Slack that gives you that low dread of unstoppable acceleration is how fully it encompasses how you talk to coworkers …

And the problem with this:

Slack allows, in the most extreme cases, for a full performance of work—the clocking in, the ambient noise, the watercooler discussions, the instant availability and accordant impression of responsiveness—without the accomplishment anything external.

I'll admit, I prefer Slack to Hipchat, Campfire, and most certainly Skype. But I'm hesitant to support a company that takes funding just 'cuz … and while it's an innovative tool compared to the industry standards, it's not making my life better. John eloquently articulates the danger of being busy rather than productive and how Slack contributes to the illusion.

But hey, some think it's just another chat tool, but with nicer colors and a good logo. This too, shall pass.