Listicle alert! Not to worry, dear friend: this one is worth a read. Chris Bailey wrote a book and shares a lengthy list of tips as to how his approach(es) to productivity not only helped him write the book, but finish it significantly ahead of schedule.

The Coles Notes version:

Writing a book is a monster of a project, but projects like it become easier once you make a plan for how to tackle them. When you liberally disconnect from the internet when working on big projects, anticipate obstacles ahead of time, carve out space around them, and stay curious while working on them, they become much easier. And when you nurture your happiness and energy along the way—by scheduling time to let your brain wander, surrounding yourself with smart, supportive people, reflecting on your accomplishments, setting sub-goals, and working slower—you’ll level up that much more. Big projects can have costs, but they’re often worth it.

It’s important to note that he touches on some key items that are not the work itself. Schedule ample brain-wandering time is a good example. Similar to my thoughts on pacing or working with your hands, this kind of time is critical to shaping your thoughts.