From my 15 year or so years of being involved in a church, I’ve come to see two basic approaches to being a Christian. Our pastor summed this up really well recently, putting this way. One way seeks to answer the question, “How do I fit Christ into my life?” The other way understands that Christ is my life.

This is such a profound way to look at things. Let's contrast the two approaches.

How do I fit Christ into my life?

In this approach, life is full of responsibilities & commitments, joys & delights, and all the things that take up our time and attention. A Christian who takes this approach to life (whether consciously or unknowingly) feels the pressure of looking for spaces to fit in some time with God.

When that does not happen, there is a sense of guilt. There is a sense of should … as in, "I should spend more time reading my Bible and praying." With this mentality, it is easy for the relationship and the activities that should bring peace, clarity, and purpose to instead feel like a burden.

Christ is my life

In comparison, coming to understand the concept that your entire life is in Christ can bring significant change.

It flips the motivation. Rather than a feeling of should, there is more of a desire on our side. We want to spend time with the one who brings us peace and true comfort (not physical or material comfort, but comfort of the soul, the sense of blessedness and acceptance).

It's all encompassing. Instead of compartmentalizing your life and trying to create a space for God, you enjoy and fellowship him in every part of your life. If you miss your daily devotional time, you do not pile on guilt because he met you did your chores, hung out with friends, or spent your day at work.

This is part of why suffering is good for us. When we're hurting and vulnerable, it's far easier to remember how wholly dependent we are on him. When life is comfortable and pleasant, that is easy to forget.

Two approaches to how we think about life, to approach each day. Early in my walk with Christ, it was easy to slip into the first approach. My focus was on me. It still is many days, but over the years he has helped me gain some ground and shift my thinking.

To remember that my life is hidden in Christ and when Christ who is my life appears, then I also will appear with him in glory.