Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve bonked on my longer runs. This often happens to me in a minor way around 14–15 KMs. But during my long run last week, it happened at 5 KM in. I finished just under 27 KM, but it was a thoroughly unenjoyable run and very slow.

So it got me wondering about my nutrition. And reading. The link above has been helpful for getting a better understanding of how to approach this goal. And I thought I would share a few others:

Now, like most things related to health, we need to be cautious. Take the advice you see in articles like this with a grain of salt. You only have to read a few to realize you can get very contradictory advice from one article to the next. It seems that scientists and athletes alike have very differing opinions on how to approach your diet when training for long distances.

What I’ve found for me is this: what I eat all week affects my one long run each week. Previously I had focused more on a plan for eating the day before and day of my race. But I hadn’t given a lot of thought to how I’m eating 2 months out. And as my overall weekly distance increases (60+ KM last week), I believe I’ve been getting too low on glycogen.

So yay, more carbs are on the way 😀

If any of you have experience in this area and some good resources to share, I’d would love to hear it!