I signed up for the beta of this app because there have been a few instances where I wanted to listen to a blog post I had saved. My first thought was that iOS must have some kind of functionality for this (it does). But then some people in the Roam community mentioned Matter.

On a recent run, I gave it a try and listened to two blog posts that were around 2,000 and 4,000 words each. And it was a fairly pleasant experience. It's still an AI voice reading text, so it is a little flat. But Matter does a good job of giving intonation to the voice … it's better than Siri, for sure.

Side note: it struck me as odd that I struggle to listen to podcasts when on a run, but listening to blog posts felt like a good use case. I think it's due to all the extra blathering on you get with so many podcasts. The written word encourages brevity that the spoken word does not.