Interesting insight into what Basecamp offers their employees. If you’ve worked for a SaaS company or are familiar with the industry, a lot of the benefits have become common. Free equipment, on-premise snacks and drinks, perhaps a gym allowance, in-house massages. All the books from Amazon you can ask for. Shares!

What’s clear in this article is that Basecamp offers quite a few more benefits than many established SaaS companies do. It’s certainly more than most startups. I’ve had the blessing of working for three SaaS companies, two of which come close to what’s listed here. But are benefits enough?

Well, they certainly help. But I’d venture to say that without finding meaning in your work, the benefits can be hollow (something I shared in this newsletter’s first run). Not everyone has to “do what you love”, but you’ll be far happier if you find meaning and fulfillment in your vocation.

The benefits can help keep you around, but it’s the work that should get you excited to get out of bed each day.