Mitchell Harper reminds us that it’s important to schedule time to just think. Not to do, but simply to take time to ponder what we’re doing on this journey.

During my thinking time I focus on not “doing” anything. I don’t try to make progress on anything tangible. I don’t mark off goals on a ToDo list. I just sit in silence and think about things that are important or top of mind.

I’m confident that the reason we all get our best ideas in the shower is because we’re not taking time to just sit and think. A lot of smart people recognize the importance of this type of (in)activity, which seems counterintuitive at first. But here’s a couple other reminders:

  • In this list from the Fizzle team, Corbett Barr reminds us to “reconnect with our why” … and that takes time.
  • In The 2 Hour Rule, Zat Rana recommends reflective thinking. And schedules 2 hours on his calendar each week