It’s been interesting to see so many different approaches to improving Finder in OS X. There have been complete separate apps to give additional functionality, as well as utilities that add features to Finder itself. Nothing has ever stuck for me, and I’ve learned to live with a combination of Finder and LaunchBar to do most things.

Lately though, in the spirit of Minimal Mac, I’ve taken to using Transmit for a lot of file related activities. Because it has two panes, each of which can be used for local or remote locations, it’s perfect for moving files from one folder to another. This is certainly faster than using 2 Finder windows.

It’s an application that I almost always have open, I just had to stop thinking of it as a tool to use only for remote file management. It has a lot of the goodness of the Finder included, is lightning quick, and has the lovely breadcrumb trail along the top that gives you a nice visual indication of where you are in your file structure.

To make a short story long, it’s nice option for working with your files and folders.