John Piper pens a good reminder for us regarding our task lists, our “systems”, and what they mean in the big picture.

By all means, make your list of to-dos for the day. By all means, get as good at that as you can get. Prioritize the list. Get first things first. Make your plan. Do the very best you can. Go ahead and read a book about it.
Then walk in the peace and freedom that, when it shatters on the rocks of reality, which it will most days, remember, you’re not being measured by God by how much you get done. You’re being measured by whether you trust the goodness and the wisdom and the sovereignty of God to work this new mess of inefficiency for his glory and the good of everyone involved, even when you can’t see how.

Somehow, this relates to my recent thoughts above regarding hyper-scheduling. My system should serve me, not the other way around. It has to enable me to do good works. When I start to feel a slave to the routine, then I know it’s time for a break and a reset.