I’ve been using RescueTime for a few years now, and I have come to appreciate it. But for whatever reason, I never had any desire to install the version for iOS. Until recently.

What I like about it

The app tracks your pickups and how much time you spend on your device. I like the way it summarizes the pickups — both the total and the location and timing of them. It’s a nice way to visualize how much you’re reaching for the phone.

But where the real value of the iOS comes into play for me is how the desktop dashboard combines the two.

What I like is that it shows a combined value, but you can hover over the time to see how it breaks down across devices. The chart also shows the same with the phone time showing as a green line.

Does this replace Screentime (especially now that it’s available on all your devices as well)? It’s too early to tell for me. But since RescueTime is a tool our team uses and the team behind it focuses on nothing by healthy habits (unlike Apple), I don’t see myself dropping it for the options built into the operating systems.