It's been a truly beautiful winter in these parts. A lot of snowfall combined with temperatures low enough that the snow stays around, covering every tree you can see, has made for many stunning sunsets.

Northern sunset

What I love most is going out in the afternoon as the sun is beginning to fade. As it creeps to the horizon, it's light glances off the scattered clouds, turning the sky to a wonderful mixture of deep blue and bright oranges and pinks. In between the bold colours is the key, the soft subtle shades of in-between, greys and yellows and soft whites. These are what make the picture, what holds the entire spectre together and gives it such beauty.

This past week, I had the privilege of flying half way across the world to visit with my amazing coworkers. Our destination was Fiji and it was unlike anywhere I've ever visited, a paradise of crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and cheerful, welcoming people.

Southern waters

And in this remote place so far from home, it was the combinations that again gave me pause. The organic mixture of deep green, clear blue, and light and dark patches of coral make the waters here unlike anything I've seen. And when the sun goes down … as I said, it's the colours in between that emphasize the whole over the parts and elicit delight.

It's a blessing to see such beauty in this creation. And it's these landscapes, varied and far apart as they are, that bring joy, humility, and praise for the One that made them.