Over the past 2 years, I’ve used a couple of Baron Fig products (the Confidant and the Planner). Both were solid products and I’ve come to love the cloth bound notebooks over other options. I’m currently on the official Bullet Journal notebook and the hard cover on the Leuchtturm produced product is less enjoyable.

Until recently, I had not tried any of the other options from Baron Fig. But I decided to give the Squire a try. I like a good pen as much as I do a good notebook. My current favourites are these rollerballs from Muji, but I was intrigued enough by the Squire and the overall quality of the Baron Fig products.

How is it?

I like it. The Squire is a smaller pen. It’s not as small as many pocket pens, say a Fisher Price space pen, but it’s significantly shorter than all the other pens I carry around. The package it comes in is lovely, so the overall experience is very much like what you receive when you purchase a new Apple product.

The casing is aluminum, so it’s cold to the touch at first. But it feels really good in your hand. It’s got a good weight and the balance is very nice. I could see this being the pen I used almost every day. Except for …

The pen itself is lovely, but the tip is too fat for me. I prefer a .38mm pen and this feels more like a .5mm. I can live with it on the right paper, but my writing would be chunkier and too blurry in many settings (my penmanship, or the lack thereof, does not help). Baron Fig chose to use refills that use the dimensions of a Schmidt P8126, so I may look for other options available.

Just looking for other options led me to stumble across the niche communities around pen hacks … this could be dangerous.

For now, I’ll be using my Muji’s and keeping an eye out for a thinner tipped option for the Squire.