What else is there to say about the latest essay from Craig Mod? Everyone I follow seems to have read it, loved it and linked to it. If you haven't yet read it yourself, do so at your first available time slot.

All I'll add to this conversation is this: the solution Craig believes is coming is something I need. I've been working on a new project, one that requires a way to do two things — deliver content and charge for access. Sadly, there are not a lot of solid options … a surprise considering it's 2012 and self publishing has been on the rise for several years.

Tools like Gumroad are a pleasant change to the landscape, but while they work well for digital creations, less so for writing. iBooks Author is the answer for longform writing, but not so much for periodicals or subscription based writing. And, as Craig mentions in the article, Newsstand is a mechanism that delivers both criteria I'm looking for, but requires a level of technical proficiency that most writers do not have.

And so I'm looking for the right tool. If you know of some better options, I'd love to hear about it.