An inbox for your time

CJ Chilvers has been a very consistent advocate for giving your calendar a greater priority than your to-do list. Or, rather, for making your calendar be your to-do list. He talked this week about an issue that blocks people from making this type of change: > How do you track all the actionable stuff in your life that you can't schedule? His solution is to put everything into an inbox. Everything that is important enough gets on your calendar. The rest just needs to be processed regularly (and…

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Darwin was a slacker and you should be too

This was a fun read (hat tip [] to my coworker, Eugene Federenko). The article covers the working habits of several well known thinkers from years past, and also digs in to the psychology and research that supports their tendencies. I came away from the post feeling like it was a page out of Deep Work. But it is good to remind ourselves of some of these truths. And I love it when I am able to read about people like Darwin…

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The Focus Summit

It's no secret that I think a bit lot about how people work. That's one reason why I enjoyed Shawn Blanc's Focus Course so much and why I've talked about it so much over the last 18 months. And so I'm also excited for his upcoming Focus Summit []. What is it? > An online summit featuring candid and powerful video conversations with some of the world's best creative entrepreneurs. I was flattered to have Shawn invite me to be involved. And now that it's almost…

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