Happy Monday, everyone!

I wanted to remind you that The Focus Course is open for registration as of today. Shawn and his team have refreshed the course and added new content (including the recent Focus Summit videos). For all those who sign up early on, there is also the chance to win some cool prizes.

Register here

Full disclosure: as a guest of the Focus Summit, I benefit from referring people to sign up for The Focus Course. I hope that you’ve been reading here long enough to know that I don’t recommend products & services because I benefit, but because I use them myself and am a fan. That is the same for The Focus Course. There will be no regular endorsements of this type, nor ads of any kind, included in The Weekly Review.

This is a special situation because I value how The Focus Course benefitted me. As I wrote in last week's issue of The Weekly Review:

As I’ve written about many times in the past, this course benefitted me greatly. As I worked through it over the better part of 2015, it really solidified my thinking on these topics. But even better, it helped me hone how I work. My routines and habits. Combined with Deep Work, nothing has changed how I approach my work more than this course.

If you dislike referral programs of any sort, please go to The Focus Course site directly: https://thefocuscourse.com. It’s worth your time — and money!