Although this is not new news for anyone, I've been reminded of the importance of touch when working on iOS. I'm not of the mind that one should go out of the way to create or work on an iPad. It's possible, but much less frictionless than working on my Macbook.

Still there are certain activities I prefer the iPad for. A weekly review is one, partially due to the complete embracing of the platform that the folks at OmniGroup have undertaken. OmniFocus on the iPad is a pleasure to use.

I've been moving the small team of five I work with to Basecamp. It's an improvement over their prior setup. This means I'm now using two task inboxes, one for personal projects, one for work. That's cool with me.

But my weekly reviews on the iPad have shown me the importance of the touch factor. Yes, I can use Basecamp on my iPad, but it's no where near as comfortable — or pleasurable — than OmniFocus. Simply because OmniFocus was designed for the device.

If I'm the founder of a web based application, I'm looking for any resources possible to give iPad users a native front end to my service. Anything less adds friction and reduces the likelihood of customers sticking around.