Alan Jacobs shares why he likes writing his newsletter each week (emphasis mine):

Since I wrote that post I have started a newsletter, because a email newsletter is also a seasoned technology, and I wondered if I might be able to do some things with it that I can’t do with this blog. I’m still experimenting, still learning, still looking for what will make that project sing — but I am really enjoying it so far, and getting some lovely responses from people, and this morning I realized that one of the reasons I like doing the newsletter so much is that I have (quite unconsciously) understood it as a place not to do analysis or critique but to share things that give me delight.

That’s a great way to put it. Whenever I start to feel a little lost about what to write, I realize my time has been spent on certain activities that leave little time for exploring and discovering. So I’ll go read some Instapaper posts and — hopefully — find some things that give me delight.

He also mentions some truly great examples of newsletters in here. Check them out.