Things change as you get older. I've been using Twitter for over 7 years now (7!) and my love for the service is the same. I don't put a lot of value in how the company is run, but the service itself has thankfully remained the same over the years.

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And up until very recently, I considered Tweetbot to be the ultimate Twitter experience. It took that mantle from the original Tweetie apps (back when they were Loren's and only Loren's). Simple, clean, easy to use and even a little fun. Over time, the Tweetie apps got worse and the web interface was a mostly terrible experience.

That has changed recently. I'm probably partly affected by the changes from iOS7. Tweetbot on my phone is still a very lovely (especially once they gave List support it's proper place) experience. But most days I find myself spending most of my time with the web interface.

It's clean, attractive, and for the most part, doesn't have issues. I like the inclusion of follows, RTs, and faves in the Notifications panel, where as Tweetbot only shows replies. It comes with the bonus of being in my browser, so any links or media I want to view is done in the ideal environment. On my phone, I often send items to Reading List simply to view them when I'm on my laptop.

In short, it's pleasurable.

This is not a change I would have predicted. I'm not sure how much of the credit should go to Doug Bowman, but my guess is heaps. The web interface has improved in functionality, looks, and performance in the last year. On the desktop, my launching of a 3rd party client are increasingly rare.

Kudos to the design team at Twitter for delighting unexpectedly.