For anyone who's followed along here over the years, you'll know that yours truly does not have much confidence or trust for services that are free. Twitter most definitely falls into the category of services where I believe the user is the currency, not the customer.

Yet, although I've transitioned away from other services like Google for my Internet based tools, I've had a hard time doing the same for Twitter. Why? Because the people are still there.

People over ideals?

I've backed (ADN) since it first started with it's Kickstarter-esque campaign. I've been a user since the beginning. I believe in the ideas behind the service, plus I appreciate the vision Dalton Caldwell and team have for where to take it. I'm a paid user and treated as the customer. In short, I trust the service.

But I barely use it.

Simply put, I find the conversations I see there of little interest to me. The majority of the people I follow on Twitter are not present on ADN. Many have accounts, but very few are active. I would love to see that change.

You've no doubt seen these types of posts from others, but I have 100 free invites to give out. Come join me on a platform where the focus is on what's good for the community, not the investment team. I would love to see the design community grow here.