Matt Gemmell gives some insight on how he writes his novels using Ulysses.

TOLL is the result of two years of work, and is the second book in my KESTREL series. It’s around 100,000 words long, and required a great deal of planning, research, and organisation. I used various tools for the planning stages, but ultimately I moved almost everything into Ulysses, to keep all my book-related material in one place and easy to access.

You don’t have to be a novel writer to get some value from this post. He goes into detail about his setup and the tips included cover both the features of Ulysses and creating a clever system to make it work on a bigger project (I especially like his use of keywords).

I tend to easily consider alternate options for most of the apps I use. That is not the case for Ulysses — it just continues to get better and I have not yet hit the borders of what it can do.