Josh Ginter links to a post from Álvaro Serrano about his blog turning ten years old. I haven’t read this blog myself, but I am familiar with Serrano’s name. But what caught my attention was Josh’s comments:

The whole digital reality of this little group takes a backseat every few years when we get to see each other, but that digital divide has a stigma… it’s like we’re not allowed to call each other our best friends, because of it. But just you writing it that way helps pull down that divide. I really appreciate that.


I stand by this, though I would have liked to use more words. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the magnitude of a relationship when it’s hidden behind a screen for 95% of the year. Getting to see each other in the skin amplifies the relationship — perhaps makes it feel more concrete.

If you click through to either post, Álvaro’s story reminds me a lot of my own. I started a blog, started to meet people over Twitter, reached out to Shawn Blanc at one point. Eventually, that led to meeting Michael Mistretta, which led to Fusion Ads, which led to working at various SaaS companies that were our customers.

All because I started writing. And because I decided to reach out to someone. Now I have people I would consider some of my best friends who live all over the place. Some I’ve met face to face, others I have not (not yet anyway). But one I’m sure about: putting myself out there led to meeting some amazing people. And I’m so thankful for that blessing.