I'm reminded that every day brings me one essential choice. I can make the most of what the day brings, or I can choose to despair.

Despair is a strong word, but it's at the end of the road that starts with a complaint. Last week, after returning home from a week abroad, we found that winter had arrived while we were gone. A week away from home results in a lot of catch up work on its own; throw in 2 feet of snow to the mix, and suddenly I easily find reason to complain. Instead of spending my evenings working on a side project or prepping Bible study, I'm dealing with snow for 2 hours.

And those are the moments where I'm faced with the choice. I can grumble inside, allowing myself to be stressed by the mounting task list. Or, I can take a deep breath, look up into the moonlight heavens, recognize the majesty around me, and remember that I'm incredibly blessed to be warm, to have a home and family to care for, and rest in the knowledge that the work will never be done. Not in this world.

I struggle with this choice every day. But with age comes wisdom, and I'm learning.