Kyle Baxter answers some of the questions I've had about the iPad Mini. Initially, I had no interest in the device, preferring to wait until it was retina capable. But screen resolution aside, it's been intriguing to see so many folks — people who's opinions I trust — echo the thought that this is the best sized iPad.

My question was this: is it still highly usable as a creation device? Consumption is no question; every article I read on my iPad is a reminder that the device is too heavy to be comfortable for such consumption, especially long term. But does this new form factor negate its benefits as a writing device?

I'm still of the mind that creating is simply easier and more enjoyable on my laptop. But the past years has seen my iPad take first spot as a writing tool. Blog posts, small group Bible studies, my Day One journal entries — all are more enjoyable on my iPad. Not because typing is easy — it's still a lesser experience. I can't describe exactly why writing on the iPad is enjoyable, but it is nonetheless. So, I look forward to the smaller size of the Mini for reading, emails and Twitter activity. But I can't help but wonder if writing on a 7" tablet is the nuisance that I imagine it to be.

Kyle almost addresses my question:

Whereas the full-size iPad is something that you bring with you and set up to use, whether that’s on a desk or on your lap, the iPad Mini is a device you can use while sitting or standing, because you can comfortably hold it in your hands.

Comfortably hold, check. Comfortably type? That's a question I think only experience with the device can answer.