My friend and coworker Rian recently started a new blog (ok, it’s on Medium so I don’t want to call it a blog, but it’s essentially a blog and he’s my friend so I’ve kept the chastising to a minimum) where he and another friend review board games. And it’s pretty cool!

Titled Boardgame Realm, they describe the site this way:

Photos and reviews of family games, solo games, and heavier endeavors.

Being highly competitive, I enjoy games of any type. However, my spouse does not. And so for the last 14 years of our marriage, this has not been an area of focus for me. But I have a lot of fond memories of games of Monopoly has a kid, then later Axis and Allies and Risk when I was older. And I love a good game of Scrabble.

Now that our own kids are getting to an age where they can understand (and do well) at the games I enjoy, board games are on my radar again. And while Rian has been free with his recommendations at work, this is a nice resource to see what might be a good fit.

I’ve got a couple of games queued up on Amazon for the summer months.