I talk a lot about customer success here, and that will likely only increase over time. It’s what I focus on every day, after all. If you're new to the “field” or are curious of what it entails, this guide from Lincoln Murphy is a great place to start.

It’s a longer piece of writing and covers his definition of customer success, several tangential thoughts about what it is and isn’t, then he gets to the practical. The end of the guide is broken into a list that covers “the role of customer success” in various activities of a business. How does customer success play a role:

  • customer development
  • technical support
  • customer and user onboarding

And on it goes. This is the part of the guide that I’ll refer to from time to time. Whenever I’ve been in the weeds, deep in the details of a given initiative, I’ll come up for air and start thinking strategy at a higher level. Then I’ll review this list and ask myself where our team could focus next.

I don’t agree with all of Murphy’s ideas (he focuses a lot on the sales/renewals aspects of SaaS), but this is a helpful resource for anyone who works in (or wants to work in) customer success.