I’ve resisted the idea that tasks should be added to your calendar. Something of a purist in me rejects the idea, but it may be that I’m coming around. Shane Parrish makes the case for the practice.

He starts with bravado:


His solution:

The real value in life comes from saying no. To help you say no you need some friction. The solution to the to-do list problem is actually pretty simple. You have to make one change: schedule it.

Anything you want to do, put it in your calendar. I’m not fully onboard with this yet, but I do appreciate the purpose.

Being more productive isn’t always about doing more, it’s about being more conscious about what you work on and putting your energy into the two or three things that will really make a difference.

Sounds familiar. Shawn Blanc routes the same concept in The Focus Course:

A schedule is meant to be a framework for how you intend to spend your time. It’s for helping you make sure you’re spending meaningful and consistent energy on the things of your work, life, relationships, and health that matter most to you.

This idea is growing on me. Not all tasks fit in the calendar, but some deserve that kind of investment.