I haven’t used this service, but I sure appreciate the thinking behind it. The team at Doist (the creators of Todoist) noticed how Slack was changing how they worked:

When our remote team started using Slack three years ago, we experienced the subtle but real impact that design has on behavior. From its free-flowing chat channels to its one-line-at-a-time message composers, everything about Slack was designed to keep you communicating with your team in real-time, all the time. (It’s not surprising that the team behind Slack originally designed game apps).

So they decided to improve things. Enter Twist.

What I loved about this post was their process. They identified how they thought a team communication tool should support their team values. Reading the post, it reminded me a lot of the things the Basecamp team talked about when creating Basecamp 3.

As someone working on a remote team, I greatly appreciate companies that are focused on making this aspect of our work better. To enable us to do our best work, rather than take away from it.

I recommend following the Doist team on Medium. They have a lot of stuff related to their own products, yes. But they also post just plain good stuff (like this post on being a remote working parent). When you find a company that has a great approach to work and running a team, it's almost as good as finding a great personal site.