I’m not sure why, but I’m a sucker for articles about sleep. And while recent Nobel prize winners show why we’re basically a nation of sleep deprived zombies, it’s these articles about people experimenting with their sleep that I enjoy the most.

I tried an experiment myself back in 2010, just after our 4th child was born. I attempted to see how well I could do on 4 hours of sleep per night. Yep, that’s just bad science, folks. The results were not surprising. I followed up my week’s experiment with another week of getting more sleep.

7 years later, I still take those lessons to heart. While I love the idea of using the time I spend sleeping to get some other things done, I'm pretty good at listening to my body. The time I spend getting a solid night of rest (7+ hours) is actually an investment that bears fruit in the time I spend working the next day.