Here’s a nice look at how several companies are learning to be family friendly. I’m especially happy with this one as the first two pictures are of the Wildbit office. One of our founders, Natalie, shares some of the thinking behind the space and the importance of children being welcomed in the space.

She followed up with an expanded post on our site. The paragraphs of mine were written weeks ago, but it's telling how my thoughts below match the outline of Natalie's post.)

What’s more, this is important for the remote team as well. How do companies make remote positions more welcoming to the family life? By allowing flexibility. I’m blessed to be able to adjust the hours of my day when the need arises (doctor appointments, school events, etc). On top of that, the team stresses firm 40 hour work weeks.

This is all possible because Wildbit has cultivated an environment that puts people first, tasks second. Both are important, but when employers forget the former, the latter is always heavily affected. This comes through in yet another post, Putting Unicorns Through the Meat Grinder:

Natalie told me recently that the real product of Wildbit is not Beanstalk, Postmark or DeployBot—it’s their team. The software they sell is just a byproduct of the team that they’ve compiled.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am for working for a company like this!