The weirdly enduring appeal of Weird Al Yankovic

On the theme of music, I loved this overview of the life and times of Weird Al. > As his name suggested, Weird Al’s comedy operated right at the hot spot of my childhood agonies: weirdness versus normalcy, insider versus outsider. What a Weird Al parody did was enact a tiny revolution. It took the whole glamorous architecture of American mainstream cool — Michael Jackson’s otherworldly moves, Madonna’s sexual taboos — and extracted all of the coolness. Into that void, Weird Al inserted the leas…

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A family friendly culture

Here’s a nice look at how several companies are learning to be family friendly. I’m especially happy with this one as the first two pictures are of the Wildbit office. One of our founders, Natalie, shares some of the thinking behind the space and the importance of children being welcomed in the space. She followed up with an expanded post [] on our site. The paragraphs of mine were written weeks ago, but it's tellin…

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A clash of cultures

As I mentioned [], I love the process of familiarizing yourself with a place or people. Sydney has been an easy transition due to the many similarities with Canadian life. But there can be different expectations and norms between even relatively close people groups, so it was only a matter of time. And one area when Australia differs greatly is coffee. It can be somewhat summed up in a conversation I had with a barista this morning. Him: G'day, what'l…

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