Eugene Federenko, my colleague from Wildbit and someone I admire very much, had his 15th anniversary with the company this week. That’s a crazy number in our current times. He took the time to share a few thoughts about the idea and it’s a great read.

On what makes Wildbit such a great place:

15 years in the same company is rare, but tech companies that old are unicorns by themselves. Unlike traditional businesses, most of them come and go with a new wave of hype. Wildbit is product agnostic, privately owned, and built to be sustainable in the long term — that’s key to being in the business for 20 years.

In discussing professional growth, he talks about how he tries to make even mundane tasks more enjoyable and concludes with this nugget of gold:

It’s my responsibility to make work interesting for myself — no one else will take care of this.

So well said.