Jason Kottke shares some ideas I have to preach to myself each year. He talks about how he experienced depression last two winters and what’s been helping so far this year.

But this quote he shared from Matt Thomas nailed for me:

Fall is a time to write for me as well, but it also means welcoming — rather than fighting against — the shorter days, the football games, the decorative gourds. Productivity writer Nicholas Bate’s seven fall basics are more sleep, more reading, more hiking, more reflection, more soup, more movies, and more night sky. I like those too. The winter will bring with it new things, new adjustments. Hygge not hay rides. Ditto the spring. Come summer, I’ll feel less stress about stopping work early to go to a barbecue or movie because I know, come autumn, I’ll be hunkering down. More and more, I try to live in harmony with the seasons, not the clock.

This is key for me. I try to remember to view winter as a chance for a little more rest, as well as do some things that I never have time for in the spring and summer months.