The folks at Buffer posted an in-depth guide on how to use Medium to your advantage. If your goal is to get focus on your product or service, there are some great tips included in this resource.

As I mentioned recently, owning your content is the best step for a writer (I'd include designers and developers as well). After all, your personal website is your résumé in 2015. But if your purpose for writing is traffic and attention to something you've created, Medium can be a solid tool.

As Kevan from Buffer puts it at the top of the article:

It’s slick and snappy and could very well be worth a deeper look for digital marketers and first-time bloggers.

Indeed, for many purposes, Medium offers a lot of benefit. And if you choose to use it, the Buffer team give some solid tips for putting it to use. My favourite bit talks about how to use it to improve and grow your other offerings.

Medium gives you huge amounts of creative liberties with the way you create your posts. One interesting method that I’ve seen used a lot is to leverage the end of your post as a place to link back and share a call-to-action or a referral to your blog.

Paul Jarvis puts this practice to good use.